Grading Construction

Grading Construction

Grading Construction is another part of Azar Construction commercial construction services. We have been providing grading and utility construction services since the beginning of our firm. Our team managers and project handlers are highly experienced in all forms of commercial construction.

Grading is an essential part of any commercial construction project, as it provides a level base on which the project can be built. It is the process of getting your construction site ready so that the actual construction can take place. Some projects for which grading is very importantare: pouring a foundation for a building, base course for a railway, garden and landscaping, and surface drainage.

Grading construction is also known as finished contouring, earthworks, sitework, or sub-grade. It is always implemented on ground-up and shell construction, as well as some other design/build and remodel construction projects. There are many stages involved in Grading construction to ensure that the final structure is safe and properly constructed, such as:

  • Clearing & Grubbing – It is the process of removing dirt from the construction site, such as vegetation like trees, shrubs, bushes, and plants.
  • Subgrade Stabilization – It involves stabilizing the soil levels below the topsoil so that the ground beneath your construction site will not shift or cave in.
  • Shoring & Erosion Control–It is used to stop the construction site from having any issues with weathering, erosion, or collapse during construction.
  • Excavation – It is another important aspect of Grading which is used to remove excess soil and rocks from the construction site. This is an intensive step and requires experienced construction workers, large equipment, and expertise in the excavation.
  • Drainage and Water Systems – It is the final stage of Grading construction which is used to get excess storm waterout of the area and prevent it from damaging construction equipment and in-progress construction.

How Azar Construction Can Help You in Your Project?

Azar Construction is a complete construction company based in New York. We have a team of experienced and professional engineers, designers, and architectures who can take any grading construction project and deliver it ontime. We are known for providing the best quality construction work in New York. Do, if you want to hire us as your grading contractor, then contact us via email, phone, or submit a free quote. Our consultation team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to provide a free consultation.




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