Ground Up Construction

Ground Up Construction

“Azar Construction starts with a blank slate and accomplishes every step of your project with Ground Up construction.”

Ground Up construction starts when your project site is wholly prepared. These projects are different than other construction projects because you’ve to start with a blank slate. Therefore, you need an experienced team who can create accurate estimations and detailed blueprints to execute yourproject on time and on budget. Azar Construction has a team expert designers and engineers to fulfill all your ground up project needs.

Ground Up construction requires a highlevel of expertise in facilitating large-scale commercial projects. The beginning stage of such projects is the installation of underground utilities, including gas, electrical, cable, plumbing, and sewer lines. Some portions of these utilities are left exposed so that they can be extended later into the new structure. The footings and other components are constructed to support the weight of the structure. As most commercial structure require a slab foundation, so to pour the concrete slab, gravel is spread within the specified dimensions.

Once the exterior structure is complete, the utilities are expanded inside the structure to include cable, telephone, satellite, and other hi-tech services along with the extension of the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. After completing the exterior walls, the work on the interior structure is completed, such as installing the insulation, framing the openings, installing windows and doors, etc.

Other projects like remodeling of an existing structure are also done with the same process. However, renovation of the existing structure is cost-effective than entire Ground Up projects. Azar Construction also provide remodeling Ground Up services, such as adding office, conference room, exam room, etc.

Why Choose Azar Construction for Ground Up Projects?

Azar Construction can build your project from groundbreaking to occupancy. We use proven construction methods and the highest quality materials for Ground Up construction. Our project management team can take any project from concept to completion within budget and on-time delivery.




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