Business Offices

Azar Construction Company with its managing partners has constructed many office spaces for clients in the Atlanta metro area since the company’s invention. Even we started our journey with commercial construction of office space for a small finance company. It was a ground-up construction project after which Azar Construction undertook three more design/build office projects in the Atlanta Metro area – The Tim Financial Company, Alpha Consultancy, and the headquarters of Simon Financial Firm.

Our company also constructed many other business offices, such as The George Marriage Bureau, and The Gunny’s law firm both located in the same building. And at the beginning of 2014, we designed and constructed an office for a beauty product company in a shopping center on Highway 9 in Alpharetta, Georgia.

In 2014, Azar Construction signed a contract to finish an eight-block office space, which includes installing the plumbing, heating, electrical, and security systems, adding restrooms and storage, and painting all wall surfaces and trim. Azar Construction didn’t undertake any other project during its construction. Our designers and engineers were focused on completing this project with complete care and intelligence. We were awarded as the best office building constructor for this project.

The build-out construction and tenant finish projects of office spaces are somehow similar as both involve the installation of paint, trim, mechanical, and interior walls. Also, some offices need an additional interior wall to separate the variety of spaces that include break rooms, storage rooms, lobbies, employee kitchens, etc.

Azar Construction undertook many commercial construction projects like restaurants, bars, studios, and retail spaces, including private offices for the clients. So, we invite you to browse through the projects listed in each category on our Portfolio page. And if you like to hire us for your next project, then contact us by phone or email anytime. Our team will be more than happy to provide free consultation and a price quotation for your project.