Coffee Shop

From the beginning of our construction company, we have constructed multiple projects and still working on some major projects. Therefore, to keep our Portfolio simple and make it easy for visitors to navigate our projects, we have added different categories to our website. Coffee Shop is one of the newly added category which shows the Coffee Shop projects that we constructed. It was complicated to keep these projects in another category as visitors get confused when they look for a specific project.

Azar Construction worked with various clients to design/build Coffee Shops across different cities of Georgia. Our first Coffee Shop project was an Italian Café in Decatur. It was a ground-up project, which was finished in three months. After that, we keep getting new coffee shop projects from all across Georgia. There was one project that challenged us – Uncle’s Coffee Shop, the name sounds simple and easy right! But, believe us, it was one of the most challengingprojects that we undertook. The owner of the shop wanted a hat shape design for the coffee shop, which means it must look like a hat from outside. Building a hat shape exterior was not that difficult, but the sitting plan inside the coffee shop was never easy.

Our dedicated team of designers and engineers worked on the design and finished the project in the meantime. Some other projects that we completed include Ethen Café, Taste of Arabica, The Mummy’s Café, and many more.

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