Gym & Sports

With the continuous growth of our company, we kept expanding the commercial construction projects. Azar Construction has performed many commercial construction projects in the Marietta area since 2010. We have created a much broader vision for our company due to our continuous success. We designed and built multiple restaurants and bars, salon and make-up store, commercial offices, studios, and many other industrial projects.

In 2012, one of our clients approached us to design and build a gym and sports center. We had a great relationship with the client, so our designers agreed to have a look at the project. It was a ground-up construction project,and Azar Construction was taking a gym & sports project for the first time. So, we had to give special attention to the project and complete it with full responsibility. Though it took us four months to finish the project, the client was much satisfied with our design/build service.

After that, we started taking other Gym & Sports projects and completed them on time. This category of Gym & Sports was created to display some of the top projects for which Azar Construction was appreciated all over Georgia. Some of the main Gym & Sports projects that we undertook are The Street Spa and Gym in Atlanta, Midtown Yoga, The Shredded Body Gym, Country Club sports center, etc.

After completing such projects, we were looking for a bigger and better contract. And to our wish, we get an all-sports academy project – a complete indoor stadium for all kinds of sports like badminton, basketball, cricket,volleyball, and more. We build-out the entire project with a unique approach.

You can browse through different project categories in our portfolio, and if you wish to contact us for your commercial or industrial project, then give us a call or send an email. You can also submit a quote to our contact us page. Our team members will get in touch with you as soon as possible.