This category was added to our portfolio to display some of the great hotels that Azar Construction dedicated team built. Before adding this category, we had completed only a few hotel construction projects that were addedto the restaurant category. But, as we keep growing by completing major hotel construction projects, we thought of expanding our portfolio by adding a new category for hotel construction projects.

We started our hotel construction journey with a small project in Alpharetta. It was a design/build project that we finished with fast-track methods because the owner wanted to start his hotel business as soon as possible. Constructing this project was easy for our team as there was nothing new and challenging, but we were looking for a project that challenges our skills and experience.

In 2012, we got a project from one of the biggest business tycoons in Georgia who wanted us to build a 5-star hotel. With no excuse, we took the project and started working on it. The project included constructing a thirteen-floor building with a swimming pool on every floor. He also wanted us to build a private room for him on the last floor which includes every amenity that will be available in the hotel. It took three-four weeks for our architectures and designersto design the structure of the building. Once the design was ready, our team started working on the site. We didn’t want to make any mistakes in this project, so we didn’t take any other project during its construction.

Some other hotels that we built in Georgia include The Gloomy Heritage in Columbus, Hotel Avenue, The Royal Villas, The City Palace in Athens, and some other hotels in the towns of Georgia. Azar Construction dedicated team is available to take small as well as large construction projects. We are a complete commercial and industrial construction company based in Georgia. If you want to hire us for your project, then contact us via phone or email. You can also submit a quote to our contact us page; our team will get in touch with to provide a free consultation and price quotation for your project.