Restaurants and Bars

Azar Construction is a commercial & industrial construction company based in Georgia. From the beginning, we have taken many large projects and completed them on time. Our team of engineers, project managers, designers, contractors, and crew members are highly experienced in building restaurants & bars from scratch as well as remodeling/renovating an existing area.

Some of the remodeling projects that we have completed include The Venti Italian Bistro, Stuffed Burger in Athens, Uncle’s Bakery in Atlanta, Baker’s Adda, and Table 20 in Cartersville. A bar named “The Casablanca” was a ground-up project which was completed with a fast track construction method. This project was counted in the top list of 2014 construction projects.

In October 2016, we were hired to reconstruct a hotel named “The Antony Plaza,” which suffered a terrible fire due to an accident. The owner of the hotel contacted us to remodel the burned area of the hotel and integrate the design into its remaining portion. Our designers and engineers took a closer look at the condition of the project and then decided to work on it. Our team completed the project within two weeks,and the results were terrific. The owner was delighted with our work and gave us two more construction projects.

Our team has worked for some of the large enterprises in the industry and continuously providing construction and remodeling/renovation services. The designers and engineers at Azar Construction understand the basic needs of an owner when they took a project.You can have a look at some of our recent projects by visiting the “Projects” section on our website.

Azar Construction is ready to take your design/build project and finish it with responsibility and accuracy. You can contact us via email or phone; our team will get in touch with you as soon as we receive a call/email from you. To get more details, visit our “contact us” page.