Shopping Center

We have further expanded our Portfolio by including projects that fall into the Shopping Center category. We created this new category to showcase some of our large and successful commercial shopping complex in Georgia. Some of these shopping centers are part of large organizations that are recognized all over the world.

The City Complex is one of the best projects that we undertook. It was a ground-up construction project that Azar Construction professional team completed in six months. This project included designing the entire building with different small shops and retail stores in it. Also, the owner wants the shopping complex look attractive from the outside and above the sky. So, our designers created a striking design of the building.

Some other shopping center projects that we constructed include The Pawn Shop in Alpharetta, MGF Mall in Augusta, Retail Shops in the central area of Atlanta, and many more. If you’re looking for restaurant projects, then look under the Restaurant categories on our Portfolio. You’ll be amazed to see the shopping center projects that we completed.

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